Home improvement matters as much as building a home. It is mostly done as an upgrade on an existing home, to make it up-to-date, or if the owner just wants a change in how the home looks.

The amount of work required to improve a home gives rise to the need for a home improvement contractor. These contractors are usually employed by homeowners to reduce the burden of the work.

As with every profession, home improvement contractors must provide quality service to their customers, with a commitment to achieving optimal results.

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Before getting a home improvement contractor, these are some of the duties you should expect from them.

Planning of the Project

The contractor you employ for your home improvement should be responsible for planning all the details. The contractor will plan the necessary development and implementation of the project in advance. Estimate and determine the materials that will be needed for the project and ensure the free flow of information between both parties.

Management of Project

From budgeting for materials to getting subcontractors, it is the responsibility of a home improvement contractor to manage the project. The contractor has to have knowledge of how to dispose of waste generated in the process of the improvement, management of the resources available for the project, and also make sure there is a seamless workflow.


Monitor Project

As a homeowner, it might be difficult to entrust the monitoring of the project to a contractor. But, by industry standards, a home improvement contractor must monitor every level of the project till completion. Because of the time and details involved, it might not be convenient for the homeowner to monitor the project at all levels. A contractor has to be the ‘eye’ of the homeowner and make sure the project follows a pattern that will lead to the desired result for the homeowner.

Legal Responsibility

Home Improvement contractors are responsible for getting information about the legal requirements of improving a home in a location and at a particular time. Government always has laws guiding construction. This makes it necessary for a contractor to be informed about what a home improvement requires, and also giving the homeowner all the information about legal requirements.

Health and Safety Responsibility

Construction workers face several work hazards. Regardless of the nature of the home improvement, contractors have the duty of ensuring that all workers are safe while working on the project. Ensuring that workers put on safety equipment, and are fit for the work they do is one of the ways contractors ensure safety.


Whether as a homeowner or as a home improvement contractor, knowing the duties of a contractor is important. This knowledge will influence the budget for the home improvement and also serve as an assurance of the quality of service to the homeowner.